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Welcome to JBS System GmbH! We are happy that you’d like to learn more about our company.

Globally Oriented

From the north of Germany to the whole world

As a northern German family business, we proudly look back on our company history of developing and manufacturing special guide bushing systems and collets. With over 40 years of experience, we have managed to be recognized as one of the global market leaders and actively support the industry in optimizing various production processes of their CNC Sliding Head Lathes. Furthermore, we continuously manage to discover new opportunities through innovative new developments to improve turning and machining processes for our customers and partners.

Lighthouse at the beach

Patented innovations

For more than 40 years, JBS is also known for further development, innovation and optimization of existing products. During this time, we have succeeded in developing innovations that have been protected by German, European and international patents.

Seit über 40 Jahren Qualität Made in Germany!

Nothing is Impossible!

A story of pioneering spirit & innovative strength: Our history of tradition

Hansjürgen Jeß, our company’s senior, was a well-known name in the industry for his passionate engineering work and his „nothing is impossible“ attitude. He always found the solutions to all challenges and created many improvements and further developments of the JBS guide bushing systems through his cooperation with today’s CEO Maik Jeß. These achievements are still invaluable today for the continued existence of our company. His pioneering spirit and commitment have helped to make JBS System GmbH what it is today – one of the most innovative manufacturers of guide bushing systems worldwide.

Always One Step Ahead

Sustainable results through continuous improvement of our products

Our vision is to achieve sustainable results through continuous improvement of our products. We strive to deliver the highest quality and reliability in each of our products to ensure that our customers can perform their jobs with ease and precision. Always ready for new challenges, we operate with a long-term perspective by constantly coming up with new solutions. We continue to look forward to shaping the future together with our customers and partners.

Maik Jeß


A Perfect Match

Our Sales Partners

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