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Flexibles Führungsbuchsen-System von JBS System GmbH

The Perfect System For Your Lathes

Higher precision thanks to our flexible guide bushing system

The JBS Flexible Guide Bushing System is a specially developed design that supports double cone collets and pull collets. It is developed to guide and/or clamp material bars with varying outer diameter in an automatic lathe in a rotating and stationary condition. During machining, the collets adapt to the material to be machined without play and in a plane-parallel manner, making it the perfect solution for precision work.

Within shortest time the costs for the flexible guide bushing system are refinanced by runtime savings, the possibility to change to cheaper material and faster collet change. We will be happy to provide you with a customized offer.

Foto eines flexiblen Führungsbuchsensystems


We also offer clamping systems for the main jackscrew. Please feel free to contact us!


With our JBS flexible guide bushing systems as double cone or pull systems we will find the right solution for your products.


Every part has two sides! Contact us, we will be happy to present our solutions to you on site.

Pull System or Double Cone?

The decision whether a pull system or the double cone system is suitable for your lathes depends on the material you are processing.
For detailed advice, please feel free to contact us with only one click.

Special solutions and custom-made products

The right system for every requirement

We already offer suitable systems for a large number of manufacturers. If you have special requirements for a guide bushing system, we can offer you a custom-fit solution. With the help of our mobile ‚Absolute Arm‘ from Hexagon, we are able to scan the interior of the machine at your site and develop an individual solution for you.

Mitarbeiter der JBS System GmbH beim Einsetzen einer flexiblen Führungsbuchse in einen Langdrehautomaten

Now available: The digital air control system

The proven JBS Guide Bushing System has been expanded to include a digital air control unit. Now it’s possible to choose between analog or digital air control for the JBS Flexible Guide Bushing System. The new digital JBS system has been developed to communicate directly with the machine software.

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The JBS Flexible Guide Bushing System for double cone collets has been developed to guide and/or clamp material bars with fluctuating outside diameter in rotating condition in an automatic lathe. The flexible guide bushing system is driven by a toothed belt, a gear wheel, a driver or synchronous drive. Opening, closing and clamping of the collets is done by a pneumatic system with adjustable thrust piece. The thrust piece presses the collets against the fixed spindle cap, and the collets begin to close, enclosing the material rod. The JBS Guide Bushing System is controlled by 4 freely programmable M-commands in the machine.

With the help of a conversion kit, you can switch from double cone to pull system or also extend or reduce the diameter of your desired working area.
Please note that we need your complete guide bushing system for conversion if you want to convert from 20mm to 25mm or if you want to convert from double cone to pull system. We will be happy to advise you about the conversion kit.

When struggling with significant chip problems, a blow-out unit can be helpful. When using a blow-out unit, the chips are blown out of the jackscrew and the collets.

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